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Shop online, specializing in ethnic fashion, Cargo Shop offers a wide range of clothing: sarouel, skirt, dress, jewelry and accessories ...

Our clothes are made of fair trade and designed by French designers, they are made

Artisanally in India, Nepal or Thailand.

The materials used are 95% of the time either of 100% cotton (or natural organic cotton) or viscose (natural material).

The fabrics are dyed with natural products without heavy metals.


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 ----------- VITRINE PRODUITS -----------------------------------------------

New "LoSanges" dress ETHNICS ORIGINS ® blue black sleeveless

Product no.: LIAS10

27.95 € *
In stock

New "FireBlack" ETHNICS ORIGINS ® black

Product no.: LIP002

41.90 € *
In stock

New showroom

Product no.: showroom

In stock

New Women's jacket effect devore _ Coral

Product no.: VE14459-b16

18.95 € *
In stock

New "Nikita" destructured ethnic dress blue electric

Product no.: RN115

29.90 € *
In stock

New Ethnic dress "Leucky" red unstructured autumn winter

Product no.: RN169

29.95 € *
In stock

New Ethnic dress "Sidonie" gray autumn winter

Product no.: RN342

29.90 € *
In stock

New Ethnic dress "Quinn" bordeaux autumn winter

Product no.: DRRN318

29.90 € *
In stock

New Ethnic dress "Odilon" black flowery autumn winter

Product no.: RN179

29.90 € *
In stock

New Printed tunic, long sleeves, round collar

Product no.: TUP6002B

42.00 € *
In stock

New Tunic Women V-neck Sleeves Kimono "TATIANA" Mustard

Product no.: C17TU039S

38.00 € *
In stock

New Black lace top printed black T.U [Fashion]

Product no.: 14497

12.95 € *
In stock

New Women's Pants Sarouel Cotton with Cord "ROMINA" taupe

Product no.: 17PA018

45.00 € *
In stock

New Top Oversize Laser Cutting Studded BENEDETTA

Product no.: C17TO065S-GRI

33.00 € *
In stock

New (▶) Short dress "Océane" long sleeves and round neck green green

Product no.: RO6052B

38.95 € *
In stock

New (▶) Ethnic coat "Vassily" black autumn winter

Product no.: VE916

69.00 € *
In stock

New (▶) poncho woman patchwork turtleneck - blue-red

Product no.: sando[1]

39.95 € *
In stock

New (▶) Emerald print long sleeve dress

Product no.: RO15390

42.95 € *
In stock

New Bag ethnic style aztec multicolor collection autumn winter

Product no.: ki3818c

39.00 € *
In stock

New Bag ETHNICS ORIGINS "kala" black gray

Product no.: eosh01

22.50 € *
In stock

New Ethnic bag colorful material jean

Product no.: ki4002a

35.95 € *
In stock
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